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Content analysis dating ads

In looking at this text, the research question might involve examining the number of positive words used to describe an argument, as opposed to the number of negative words used to describe a current status or opposing argument.

The process of relational analysis has achieved a high degree of computer automation but still is, like most forms of research, time consuming.

Obviously, too many categories may obscure your results and too few can lead to unreliable and potentially invalid conclusions.

Therefore, it is important to allow the context and necessities of your research to guide your coding procedures.

The following list (adapted from Berelson, 1952) offers more possibilities for the uses of content analysis: There are two general categories of content analysis: conceptual analysis and relational analysis.

Conceptual analysis can be thought of as establishing the existence and frequency of concepts in a text.

Relational analysis builds on conceptual analysis by examining the relationships among concepts in a text.

Traditionally, content analysis has most often been thought of in terms of conceptual analysis.

There are many techniques of relational analysis available and this flexibility makes for it's popularity.

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