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Transexual dating board

The concern for an “elective” operation may reflect an acceptance of surgery in some circumstances, such as for intersex children or adults.

Numerous independent organizations and online forums for dealing with faith and trans issues have emerged in the past few decades, while other more traditional gay and lesbian faith organizations have increasingly taken steps to support transgendered members.

Some churches are already far along in these conversations.

Separating gender identity from sexual orientation is a hugely positive step for a church that until very recently referred to homosexuality as “gender confusion.” In 2013, the flagship gay and lesbian Mormon organization, Affirmation, changed its name to explicitly include bisexual and transgender people.

In 2014, , a 15-minute film, told the story of a young Mormon’s gender transition and of her supportive family.

The LDS church’s attention to social and ecclesiastical barriers for transgender people, however meager to date, also portends a potential change in its teachings on sex and gender essentialism.

Transgender issues pose a significant theological challenge for Mormonism because of the official belief that: “Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.” Basically, Mormon teaching suggests that male and female identity is not just bodily but is an identity that applies to the soul both before it is born and in the next life after death.

One question dealt with transgender identity, and the response by Elder Dallin H.