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Those who settled in parts of New York State and Pennsylvania formed many successful cutlery companies.

Otherwise, the Chef, Butcher, and Paring Knives are interchangeable with the 20 series.

DD actually stands for double durability referring to high grade carbon and stainless steel which allows the cutting edge to hold a superior edge for many decades. If you ever find a really worn down DD, go ahead and cut something with it.

Also you may find TBH with stand for Thomas Lamb Handle found also on handles.

First generations are denoted the 30's series which ran from 1949 to 1951.

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Over time, the blade wear out and that is when owners need to return them to Cutco. Have dark hardwood appearance with 3 rivets and non ergonomic grips, but surprisingly good balance.

Handle composition unknown, but suspect same as next two generations. Handles from the 1st generation do not have the fade problem needing periodic recoating like later generation.

Resellers like me charge a much higher price for these knives. Table Knives for this generation remain straight edge, but ergonomic handle with 3 rivets and denoted 57.

The 3rd generation denoted by the 1000 series ran from 1960 to 1971. For a short run, it was added to the Paring knife, but dropped after too many customers complained.

These all have the straight handles that are squared. Nine total items in the set with 7 knives and 2 forks.